They say loving makes you happy
How can it possibly be true
If you feel so empty inside
And always feeling blue?

Sometimes I find it crazy
Because it makes me feel dizzy
Yesterday I said "YES"
But today I said "NO"

I'm afraid to get hurt
That's why I dont give
But is vey magical
That makes its way to mend a heart.

Before it's only "dub-a-dub"
But now it's "-a-dub"
I dont know how to explain
This feeling I have for you.

I may get hurt many times
To have your
But i'll take all the risk
Just to have you by my side!!!


Who want to buy my ♥?
I'm having it on sale But it's only second hand
Still it function well
Because when, I sold it whole before
It was returned into pieces
I had it all repaired and Now I'm back in business

Who want's to buy my ?
Satisfaction guaranteed. It has free service charge
And a lifetime warranty
So if you are asking for the price

Well, you are in a bargain
It only costs your !!!

!ts Me

A young friend of mine namely
"Shiela Dohnna T. Duran",
can be described as such a good friend.
Humble, and really a nice person.
She's doing well in every people that she encountered in her journey.
A good friend who's willing to help people heatedly.
She's a person with a great personality.
Friendly, loving and caring especially to her family and friends.
She knows how to handle such problems and struggles that
comes in her life.
Despite, of those problems she never forget to pray to God.